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General Information & Fees:

All our kittens are raised with lots of love and everyday kisses. Never caged but raised underfoot and are used to all around the house noises, litter box and scratch post trained. Very well socialized with kids  ages 2-12 and familiar with dogs. 

Most of Our kittens go:

  • TICA registered,

  • Minimum age 12+ weeks old,

  • Fully/Up to date vaccinated,

  • Micro-chipped,

  • 30 day free Health Insurance

  • Spayed females (ready@16+ wks)

  • Neutered males 

  • FeLV/FIV/PKD/HCM               negative by-parents

  • Vet checked,

  • Vet passport

  • Osteochondrodysplasia Health guarantee

  • Written contract

  • Parents are HCM, PKD, FeLV/FIV tested negative. Copies of their tests providing by the request

  • 72 hours return policy after pick up ( See Contract).


Kittens of Our Friends go:

  • WCF registered

  • Minimum age 16 weeks old

  • Fully vaccinated

  • Microchipped

  • spay/neuter contract

  • Vet Checked

  • Health Certificate

  • Passport


Our fees:

We support Ukrainian people in need and Ukrainian breeders. When you buy a kitten from us, you are supporting Ukraine as well, as we donate to charities and directly to people in need.

Also, we are helping to place some kittens from Ukrainian breeders that we worked with and know they are legit and not scammers, breeders that we bought some of our breeding cats from. So when you adopt those kittens, you are helping those breeders in their hard time. 


Our fees vary and it's different for each kitten. It depends on color, sex, quality, ear type, hair length, parents...

Straight ear gold eyes $1500-$2300

Folded ear gold eyes $2000-$3300

Blue/Odd eyes kittens: +$500 

Listed kitten fee for each individual kitten is the total cost

Deposit- $500 is required to hold a kitten/cat before it goes home or to reserve your choosing order and is NON-REFUNDABLE at any time. So do your research prior placing a deposit. Make sure you have no Cat allergies before placing a deposit.

We show our cats and  are proud of our achievements: RW, BW, QGC, GC, CH, Best of Breed awards. Our cats are from top breeders of Europe. Our breeding cats are health tested for FeLV/FIV, PKD, full DNA genetics, HCM heart ultrasound, full Blood Panel tested. We try our best, to produce healthy and beautiful kittens for you. 

We prefer when our kittens go as pets but we sometimes provide show rights to some kittens that we would like to be shown. We do not charge extra for the show rights and so its a bonus. 

We welcome breeders but we do not sell breeding rights to the NW region.  Kittens with the breeding rights start at $4000 and up. 


Available Kittens

$800 Marshmallow M.

$2000 Fiona F.

$400 Melissa F.